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C+AARP INSIDE|OUTSIDE Response 1, 2020

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posted on 2020-12-08, 21:56 authored by Ella Konrad-East, KATHRYN COLEMANKATHRYN COLEMAN

This C+AARP COVID 2020 collection holds the responses to the first and second artful works developed to the provocation INSIDE|OUTSIDE. Designed and curated by teacher candidate, Ella Konrad East who has developed an a/r/tographic pedagogical piece for teaching and learning.

The ‘Child+Adult Art Response Project' (C+AARP) (Watkins & Coleman, 2019) involves child artists in a small number of primary schools in metropolitan and regional Victoria, Australia practicing with adult artists in the Master of Teaching (Visual Arts and Design) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). They visually and textually respond to INSIDE|OUTSIDE as a conceptual, pedagogical and material provocation with each artwork shared as an art encounter.

Watkins, M. & Coleman, K.S. (2019). An Artful Experiment: The Child+Adult Art Response Project. InSEA World Congress Proceedings; Vancouver, U.B.C. 10.24981/2020-1

Watkins, M., Grant, R., Coleman, K., & Meager, N. (2019). Entering the liminal through the side door: A “Child+Adult Art Response Project” as portal for student voice and deep thinking. In Coutts, G (Ed.). Torres de, T (Ed.). Learning Through Art: Lessons for the 21st Century?, (1), pp.178-178. InSEA. 10.24981/978-lta2018-15