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About the Ash Lad

posted on 2023-07-21, 06:19 authored by Melody EotvosMelody Eotvos

About the Ash Lad is inspired by a Dano-Norwegian folktale collection by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe that was published in 1859. It is said that Henrik Ibsen, author of the original Peer Gynt drama, was inspired by this collection of folk tales of which the story “About Ash Lad , Who Stole the Troll’s Silver Ducks, Coverlet, and Golden Harp” (some other titles it is known by include “Boots and the Troll”), is a part of. In this piece, the unfolding of the story in the form of a suite is also inspired by the famous Grieg setting of Peer Gynt, as we follow the hero along his journey, through perils and triumphs.
There are a total of nine small movements, all connected by a dance-like ‘Passage’ theme, that parallel the Ash Lad’s story as he ‘borrows’ three items from a Troll in order to win the local princesses hand in marriage and a decent half of the kingdom on top of that.
It was an absolute joy to compose this work for the thoroughly amazing Inventi Ensemble, and I thank them for the opportunity to transport myself creatively into a world of fantasy and imagine my own sounds within this old Dano-Norwegian realm.

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Duration: 10 minutes

Composed: 2020

Commissioned by: Inventi Ensemble (Melissa Doecke and Ben Opie)


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