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After the Zoöids

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posted on 2024-04-12, 22:21 authored by Melody EotvosMelody Eotvos

A Zooid is a single animal that belongs to a greater colonial animal, as I most recently discovered of the Portuguese Man 'o War. While the Zoi:iids are multicellular creatures and their structure is like that of any other solitary animal, they are still connected (either by tissue or by sharing a common exoskeleton) to a colonial organism. This term can also be used to describe more generally an organized body that has independent movement within its various parts.

Upon discovering that the Sixxen was a part of Synergy's instrumentation I decided to pair two of them with two vibraphones as well as explore some 'bridging' instruments that might also connect to the Sixxen/Vibes timbre. The result is a metallic zoon (the term, singular and in the world of the Zoi:iids, used to describe the organism as a whole) that simultaneously moves as a whole, yet maintains the individuality of its various parts through exploring a single tone-row (the nice kind) and tethering the microtonal Sixxen to the Vibes.


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