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Olber's Dance in the Dark

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posted on 2024-04-03, 09:55 authored by Melody EotvosMelody Eotvos

At night step outside and, weather permitting, take a look at the brightly lit

backbone in the sky. On a clear night your observations made of the night

sky can be every bit as profound as Einstein’s or Kepler’s. The fact that

the night sky is dark, and not as bright as the burning star at the center of

our solar system tells us the most fundamental thing about our

universe. The catch in Olber’s paradox is that it is impossible for the

universe to be infinitely large because if it were there would not be a dark

sky at night, due to every point in our line of sight being taken up by the

forever existing light of a star, whether near or far, similar to the way you

would not be able catch sight of the landscape which sits just beyond a

dense forest of trees stretching out for miles and miles.


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