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Australian East Coast Lows cyclone tracks and cyclone phase space parameters

posted on 2020-03-02, 06:43 authored by LEONE CAVICCHIALEONE CAVICCHIA, Acacia Pepler, andrew dowdy, Jason Evans, Alejandro Di Luca, KEVIN WALSHKEVIN WALSH
This dataset contains East Coast Lows cyclone tracks and cyclone phase space (CPS) parameters for the low pressure systems detected in the NARCliM regional climate model (RCM) ensemble simulations.

Each files contains data for one RCM simulation. The file name format is, where GCM stands for the Global climate model used as focing, RCM is the version of the RCM used to run the simulation and PERIOD stands for either the historical (1990-2009) or the future climate (2060-2079) simulations.

Each row in the files contains the following fields:
1. the sequential track number
2. the date in the format YYYYMMDDHH
3. the cyclone center longitude
4. the cyclone center latitude
5. the value of the pressure minimum
6. the value of the lower troposphere thermal wind CPS parameter -VTL
7. the value of the upper troposphere thermal wind CPS parameter -VTU
8. the value of the symmetry CPS parameter B

Further details on this dataset, including how the cyclones were identified and how the phase space parameters have been computed can be found in the following paper:
Cavicchia, L., Pepler, A., Dowdy, A., Evans, J., Di Luca, A., and Walsh, K. (2020): Future changes in the occurrence of hybrid cyclones: the added value of cyclone classification for the eastAustralian low pressure systems.


National Environmental Science Programme (NESP), Australia


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