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Beyond Mars and Venus: The role of gender essentialism in support for gender inequality and backlash.

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posted on 2018-07-24, 21:44 authored by Lea Skewes, CORDELIA FINECORDELIA FINE, Nick Haslam

AU = Australia

DK = Denmark

blGender = Gender

blAgency = Agency

blCommunality = Communality

blCompetence = Competence

blNegemo = Negative emotion

blOutrage = Moral outrage

mean GE = Gender Essentialism Scale (GES) score

binary GE = low or high GES score

SRES = Sex Roles Egalitarianism Scale score

SDO = Social Dominance Orientation

Discrim = Support for discriminatory practices

Fairness = Perceived fairness of gender-based treatment

politicalOrientation = Political orientation

Vote = vote for candidate