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C: communing, collaborating, and common worlding

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posted on 2023-11-02, 01:30 authored by Angela Molloy MurphyAngela Molloy Murphy

For the first image, we delve into a captivating scene set in a magical "underground" realm during The Secret Underground: A Glow World Experience. Here, a night fairy weaves tales of the future for a captivated beetle within the cozy confines of a mole hole, setting the stage for an enchanting immersive theatre experience. This moment is further brought to life by children, who, adorned in their imaginative costumes, eagerly participate in the exhibit's public unveiling. Their involvement not only adds a layer of whimsy but also embodies the concept of speculative fabulation. This artistic expression blurs the lines between storytelling and reality, crafting narratives of worlds both lost and yet to be discovered, where every element is intricately intertwined (Haraway, 2016).

The second image captures an innovative play session featuring a Hexbug Ouija board, ingeniously crafted by children in an educational environment. As the Hexbugs navigate the board, their movements seemingly provide answers to the curious inquiries posed by the participants. These questions range from the personal, probing into the identities of the art-bots themselves, to the philosophical, exploring the mysteries of the future and the unknown.

Lastly, the third image takes us back to The Secret Underground: A Glow World Experience, showcasing a segment where young explorers are encouraged to interact with recycled materials sourced from the Inventing Remida Portland Project, along with digital projectors. This interactive experience fosters a unique connection with discarded items, encouraging a dialogue between the past, present, and potential futures through the lens of creative reuse and technological innovation.


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