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Finite element results (archive): high RyR density, with mitochondria

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posted on 2019-05-07, 06:35 authored by David Ladd
Results from a reaction-diffusion finite element model of calcium signalling in a rat ventricular cardiomyocyte. Solved for the first 30 ms of the calcium transient in an 8 sarcomere section.

Calcium is released from RyR clusters with spacings based on immuno-labeled microscopy data populations (123 clusters per z-disk). Regions representing mitochondria are excluded to produce barriers to diffusion in the intracellular space.

To view the results of the calcium and fluorescence-bound calcium fields, visualisation of the results in the 'vtk' folder with ParaView is recommended. All field data is available in OpenCMISS exnode / exelem formats in the 'output' folder. Note this model was run on 8 parallel processes.