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Global Dataset of Extreme Sea Levels and Coastal Flood Impacts over the 21st Century

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posted on 2024-05-21, 23:35 authored by IAN YOUNGIAN YOUNG, Ebru KirezciEbru Kirezci

A global database of coastal flooding impacts resulting from extreme sea levels is developed for the present-day and for the years 2050 and 2100. The database consists of three sub-datasets: the extreme sea levels, coastal areas flooded by these extreme sea levels and the resulting socioeconomic implications. The extreme sea levels consider the processes of storm surge, tide levels, breaking wave setup and relative sea level rise. The socioeconomic implications are expressed in terms of Expected Annual Population Affected (EAPA) and Expected Annual Damage (EAD), and presented at the global, regional and national scales. The EAPA and EAD are determined both for existing coastal defence levels and assuming two plausible adaptation scenarios, along with socioeconomic development narratives. All the sub-datasets can be visualised with a Digital Twin Platform based on a GIS based mapping host. This publicly available database provides a first-pass assessment, enabling users to extract and identify global and national coastal hotspots under different projections of sea level rise and socioeconomic developments.


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