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Menopause Symptoms after Cancer/Menopause Clinical Audit Database

posted on 2020-06-28, 00:36 authored by Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH)
Patients seen at the Menopause Symptoms after Cancer and Menopause Clinics provide information about the symptoms they would most like addressed in their care at the Clinics. Over time these data will provide information to assess the impact of care in the Clinics. We also abstract relevant medical history and treatment information from the patient chart to provide context.


Institution name

The Royal Women's Hospital

Unit name

RWH and University of Melbourne Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Principal contact name

Jennifer Marino

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None provided

Available for research?

  • No

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See additional comments

Number of people/participants

400-500 (at 29 Jan 2020)

Data source

  • Clinical

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  • Other - describe in comments

Data collection started

April 2019

Dataset still being added to?

  • Yes

Additional comments

These data are clinical audit data and may be available for researchers on a case-by-case basis. However researchers are advised that as these data have been collected as part of standard care there is no informed consent process, which may potentially limit the dissemination of findings.