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posted on 2021-02-10, 00:40 authored by REBECCA MORRISREBECCA MORRIS, Megan K. La Peyre, Bret M Webb, Danielle Aguilar Marshall, Donna Bilkovic, Just Cebrian, Giovanna McClenachan, Kelly M Kibler, Linda J. Walters, David Bushek, Eric L. Sparks, Nigel A Temple, Joshua Moody, Kory Angstadt, Joshua Goff, Maura Boswell, paul sacks, STEPHEN SWEARERSTEPHEN SWEARER
Dataset to accompany Morris et al. Large-scale variation in wave attenuation of oyster reef living shorelines and the influence of inundation duration, Ecological Applications.

The dataset provides water depth, offshore wave height, wave transmission coefficient and the measured and predicted onshore wave height for four treatments (control; oyster reef living shoreline; rock sill; natural oyster reef) at 15 sites and 5 locations along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States. Data were collected June-July 2018.