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Transport requirements for construction sectors - A4.csv (1.64 kB)

Transport requirements for construction sectors - A4

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posted on 2022-09-01, 00:56 authored by Robert CrawfordRobert Crawford

This data are pure input-output values for the direct transport requirements of construction sectors in Australia based on 2014-15 input-output tables. These values are used as part of the EPiC Database. They can be multiplied by the cost of a construction project (converted to 2015 terms) to estimate the A4 transport requirements for water, carbon or energy. The data provides water, carbon and energy requirements for four different transport modes for each construction sector. To determine the total direct transport-related water, carbon or energy for a construction project, use the combined (top) value for all transport modes for the relevant construction sector.


Improving the Environmental Performance of Australian Construction Projects

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