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Architectural measured drawings of Woodlands Homestead, Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

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posted on 2022-07-04, 04:25 authored by Junlin Li, Wenjie Sun, Haoxin Shi

Architectural measured drawings of Woodlands homestead located in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia, measured and drawn in April 2022, as part of the subject Measured Drawing and Digital Heritage (ABPL90020), Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. Drawings based manual measurement and 3D digital scans.

Woodlands Homestead is located within the 820 hectare Woodlands Historic Park in Greenvale. The homestead comprises the main house and its associated structures, remnant garden, and surrounding landscape. A prefabricated homestead, located within the west wing of the current building, was brought to Australia by William Pomeroy Greene and his wife when they emigrated in 1842. It was manufactured by Peter Thompson of London, one of the major builders of portable houses, and erected in 1843.  The north and south wings, constructed of mainly prefabricated materials, were completed by 1846. The east wing, completed by 1850, is constructed from a mix of prefabricated and local materials. The internal configuration of the homestead is substantially as built, with the exception of the kitchen which was extensively altered in the 1970s.The early decorative schemes of the west wing were painted c.1849. Floriated decorative schemes were used in four rooms, a columned and marble panelled design in another room, and a tooled ashlar scheme in the hallway.

Two Southern Magnolia trees (Magnolia grandiflora) in the courtyard, planted in the mid-1840s, are believed to be the earliest surviving plantings of exotic species in the state. Several trees survive from the 1880s, of which the Aleppo pines are considered to be fine specimens. Most of the form and understorey of the garden was established from the 1920s following the installation of the irrigation system. 

This site is the traditional land of the Wurundjeri.


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