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DIA development: BEL+T 2020 activity timeline

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posted on 2022-04-25, 04:25 authored by KATE TREGLOANKATE TREGLOAN

This timeline indicates the development of the DIA framework by BEL+T.   BEL+T developed the Delivery, Interaction, Assessment (DIA) framework and its DIAgram over several stages, while engaging with a global conversation that was identifying similar challenges in 2020 and 2021. Refinement of the DIA was informed by iterative refocusing between two types of local activity – developing new resources and guidance, and translating and testing emerging practices – each of which informed the other. 

The timeline was first published as below: Tregloan,  K.  &  Thompson, J. (2021). Buckle Up! … BEL+T group learnings from  a (very fast) move online. Charrette, 7 (1), pp.59-75

The DIAgram can be cited and accessed as follows: TREGLOAN,  KATE; SOCCIO, PHILIPPA; Thompson, James (2021): BEL+T DIAgram v2.0.  University of Melbourne. Figure.