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The Becoming A/r/tographer

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posted on 2022-12-06, 00:00 authored by NEDASADAT SAJADI

This artwork belongs to the funded doctoral research project, titled: How Can We Teach/Learn Emotion Words and Complex Abstract Meanings? – A Relational A/r/tographic Conversation In-between Images and Words.

Nedasadat Sajadi

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

This research, as a 50/50 creative thesis, was an a/r/tographic conversation between a written exegesis and an a/r/t exhibition held on April 1, 2022, at The Melbourne Graduate School of Education. This exhibition presented a series of artworks as research, including 'The Becoming A/r/tographer' sculpture.

'The Becoming A/r/tographer' is a papier mâché sculpture made by the PhD candidate, Nedasadat Sajadi, which was placed at the entrance of the exhibition, offering three lenses for the viewer to look into or out of the exhibition. Shaped like a mask, this hanging sculpture allowed viewers to rotate it towards different artworks or people to interact with them. This sculpture was covered with stories shared by this research's participants as well as their artworks created within four ethics approved workshops. Process sketches, reflections from researcher's reflective journal could also be read from the surface of the sculpture.


The Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative (CAWRI) and The Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship


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