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The First Provocation

posted on 2024-05-20, 06:41 authored by ANGIE BLACKANGIE BLACK
The First Provocation (2015) and the shooting script 02: BRIDGET combine to demonstrate practice- led research into how to expand on the process of crafting and capturing performance on film. The enquiry was framed by the question: How might it be possible to mediate a live performance work into a narrative fiction film to engage an audience beyond the intended performance audience of the original? What approaches can a director adopt to elicit spontaneous and intimate emotional responses that are captured for the screen? The single-shot film, The First Provocation, explores how to expand the realist form in an experimental approach to performance that merges unexpected live performance within a narrative fiction film.


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Australia, online


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Sightlines journal: issue 03:2021, Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association


Short film and screenplay

Research Statement

This practice-led research explores how to mediate live performance to create a narrative fiction film. Through improvisation and experimental approaches to character performance and direction, it provides an intimate and compelling example of how this innovative methodology is translated to screen. This research pioneer's novel approaches in improvisation and live performance mediation. It reveals the contrast between scripted expectations and genuine, unscripted emotional responses, challenging narrative norms. Emphasising spontaneity enriches filmmaking and audience engagement, highlighting its importance in performance capture for exploring human emotion in cinematic storytelling. The exploration of spontaneity through character-based improvisation represents a groundbreaking shift in actor direction and performance capture methods, recognised through publication in the esteemed Sightlines: Filmmaking journal. The subsequent adaptation into the feature film The Five Provocations (2018) demonstrates not only the innovative approach to filmmaking but also its broader impact on cinematic discourse. Premiering at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and securing global distribution with Label Distribution underscores its significance in challenging traditional filmmaking norms and expanding the boundaries of cinematic expression.

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6.58 mins and 20-page screenplay


La Trobe University and Black Eye Films

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