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Beyond innovative learning environments: Opportunities and prospects for education and architecture.

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posted on 2021-08-17, 07:14 authored by MARIAN MAHATMARIAN MAHAT

What knowledge relevant to innovative learning environments exists? What is the current situation in Australian and New Zealand schools in terms of the number of, types of, and teacher/student activities within innovative learning environments? What characterises ‘good transition’ by teachers into ILEs? What evidence is there between innovative learning environments and student deep learning and teacher mind frames?

These are some of the questions investigated by the Innovative Learning Environment and Teacher Change project. It is a multi-disciplinary project involving 17 education and industry partner organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and the United States, over 6000 schools across Australia and New Zealand, and more than 20 researchers across Education and Architecture. From 2016 to 2020, the project investigated how teachers enable learning most effectively in innovative learning environments.

In this presentation, you will hear…

· Given evidence now exists that innovative learning environments are successful in practice, what characterises major advances in the design and built of school learning environments in the coming decade?

· How do we harness knowledge from school, industry and policy partners to design spaces whose primary function is to enable all students to actively engage in learning?

Dr Marian Mahat is a Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Environments Applied Research Network at the University of Melbourne. This video was presented at the EduTECH Australia International Congress & Expo, delivered virtually on 17-18 August 2021.


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