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Bladder afferent innervation of the sacral dorsal commissural nucleus and intercalated nucleus of the L6 spinal cord.

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 The sacral commissural nucleus and intercalated nucleus receive bladder afferent innervation via both the lateral and medial collateral pathways. The dataset shown here is from cholera toxin B (CTB) injection into the wall of the bladder body (male rat). The spinal cord was immunolabelled for CTB and choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and cleared via iDISCO. The cleared sample was imaged on a light sheet microscope (Ultramicroscope II, LaVision), and the subsequent image stacks reconstructed using Imaris (Bitplane). Autofluorescence of the spinal cord surface is also evident in the CTB channel (green). CC, central canal; ICl, intercalated nucleus; LCP, lateral collateral pathway; MCP, medial collateral pathway; SDCom, sacral dorsal commissural nucleus; SPN, sacral preganglionic nucleus. 


NIH SPARC 3OT2OD023872-01S6