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Caerwen Martin: "Sleepless" (2018) performed by Joel Brennan and Ken Murray

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posted on 2023-08-10, 05:52 authored by JOEL BRENNANJOEL BRENNAN, Ken MurrayKen Murray

Caerwen Martin wrote this piece in 2018 for Ken and Joel. The piece is about the experience of insomnia and opens with the indication "strangely awake." Caerwen writes for acoustic and amplified instruments as well as electronic-based works. Her work is usually based on the natural environment, dreams and significant emotional experiences. She uses graphic and traditional notation, and visual images such as photographs and sketches to access intuitive creativity.

The music was recorded in Joel Brennan's office at the MCM just prior to Stage 4 lockdown restrictions being enforced in Melbourne. The audio was subsequently mastered and mixed by MCM colleague Nicholas Williams. Jules Abrahams and Ty Ridgeway from Shoelace Creative made the video.


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