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Creating real and imaginary worlds: Padlet as a carrier bag of fiction

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posted on 2022-09-01, 07:59 authored by SARAH HEALYSARAH HEALY, Emily Rayside, Ella Mansfield, Anastaszia Ward-DaviesAnastaszia Ward-Davies

This 20 min video presentation was co-created for the Australian Association for Research in Education online conference, November 2021

ABSTRACT: 35 years after first publication, Ursula K. Le Guin’s (1986) Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction is as pertinent as it ever was – maybe more so in a post-pandemic world – continuing to offer the conceptual tools for re-inventing our ‘realities’. Her teachings invite us to enter a space that intersects awakening and dreaming, the real and imagined. It is a space that eschews the prick-tales and grand narratives favoured by settler-colonial and neoliberal knowledge systems. It is a space where the bottle, the receptacle, the container, the holder, the carrier bag becomes the unlikely hero, whereby untold stories can be told. 

In this video presentation, we show how Padlet (a free online platform) can act as a carrier bag of fiction to be filled with wonderings, creative artifacts and critical reflections which, in turn, facilitate the creation, curation, and narration of (im)possible worlds. 


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