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posted on 2020-11-05, 09:22 authored by SOLANGE GLASSERSOLANGE GLASSER

This digital introduction to #Datacreativites draws from visual and auditory sources that epitomise our collaboration. The summary text of our collaboration is mirrored, highlighted, and disrupted by a ZOOM theme ostinato and compilation of the 34 gifs that have populated our Teams correspondence thus far. The ZOOM theme permeates the introduction and drives it forward, providing momentum in the same way that it enabled this collaboration to exist. The theme is incessant and jarring, just as ZOOM has proven to be over the long months of lockdown. As both a feature and a distracting layer of comic relief, each gif that we have individually sent to the group through Teams to punctuate or express our moods at any given time is used at least once, and often several times. Each gif is paired to the introduction text to visually highlight its message. These gifs are reminders of moments of angst, encouragement or excitement during our collaborative research journey.

The ZOOM theme was recorded from my computer while working from home during Melbourne’s long second lockdown during COVID-19, and the sound of the 75 tram can be heard passing by; the tram doesn’t stop, as it rarely did during those lockdown months. The percussive and string sounds were created using my violin, again while working from home. The overall composition is raw and unpolished, reflecting my ineptitude at using GarageBand and Camtasia, the unusual metre of the ZOOM theme (5/4 time, yet not quite on the beat!), and the challenges that arise from creating in a professional/personal work/home mashup environment.

We acknowledge that we live and work on the lands of the Wurundjeri people who have been custodians of this land for thousands of years and acknowledge and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. On these lands that hold stories across time and space, #Datacreativities is a co-lab of interdisciplinary digital research at UoM. Through a cross faculty University of Melbourne partnership we examine what #datacreative learning looks like in a pandemic and can look like post-pandemic using digital feedback loops.