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Design for Transformative Mobile Learning Design BootCamp Panel

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posted on 2022-12-13, 03:45 authored by Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane, Tom Worthington, Mehrasa AlizadehMehrasa Alizadeh, Neil Cowie, stephen Aiellostephen Aiello, Elisa BoneElisa Bone, Todd StrettonTodd Stretton, James Birt

This Boot Camp explores some of the foundational principles that can inform authentic learning design, illustrated by examples of TEL learning designs using mobile learning, and interdisciplinary curriculum design to facilitate building learner agency and self-determined capabilities.

Authentic learning focuses upon exploring (often complex) real world problems or practice and highlights the importance of designing learning experiences that involve interdisciplinary collaboration. All disciplines can benefit from authentic collaboration. Our graduates need the skills and capabilities to work in diverse teams to explore and develop creative approaches to the complex problems and issues that they will face in the workplace and the wider community within an increasingly unknown future. Most professions involve some form of teamwork and collaboration across a variety of discipline and cultural boundaries, and therefore this is a key graduate capability identified by employers.

Program schedule

  • Intro webinar (Monday 12 December, 12-1pm)
  • Webinar panel of expert practitioners (Tuesday 13 December, 12-1pm)
  • Interactive online workshop (Wednesday 14 December, 12-2pm)

More information:

The panel are co-authors of case studies in: Cochrane, T., Narayan, V., Aiello, S., Alizadeh, M., Birt, J., Bone, E., Cowie, N., Cowling, M., Deneen, C., Goldacre, P., Sinfield, D., Stretton, T., & Worthington, T. (2022). Analysing Mobile Learning Designs: A Framework for Transforming Learning Post COVID. Australasia Journal of Educational Technology (AJET), 38(4), 1-21. 


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