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Mplus GCLM Workshop with videos, July (992.38 MB)

General Cross-Lagged Panel Model (GCLM) in Mplus Workshop, July 15-17

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posted on 2019-07-17, 13:08 authored by MICHAEL ZYPHUR
This 3-day workshop introduces the General Cross-Lagged Panel Model (GCLM), proposed in a recent two-paper series at Organizational Research Methods -- see the first paper here (pdf here) and the second here (pdf here). The online supplemental materials are here, and here is a YouTube presentation briefly introducing the approach. The 3-day workshop materials include lecture videos, PowerPoint slides, Mplus files, and data associated with the papers. The workshop starts with an introduction to Mplus including regression, path analysis, and structural equation modeling (SEM) before proceeding to the GCLM. An Excel spreadsheet is included in the materials to automate Mplus input for the GCLM and related panel data models.

The two papers are as follows:

Zyphur, M. J., Allison, P. D., Tay, L., Voelkle, M. C., Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., Hamaker, E. L., Shamsollahi, A., Pierides, D. C., Koval, P., & Diener, E. (2019). From data to causes I: Building a general cross-lagged panel model (GCLM). Organizational Research Methods.

Zyphur, M. J., Voelkle, M. C., Tay, L., Allison, P. D., Preacher, K. J., Zhang, Z., Hamaker, E. L., Shamsollahi, A., Pierides, D. C., Koval, P., & Diener, E. (2019). From data to causes II: Comparing approaches to panel data analysis. Organizational Research Methods.


ARC Future Fellowship (FF140100629)


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