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ISO: Dance and Isolation in the 2020 Melbourne Lockdown

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posted on 2024-05-30, 04:44 authored by Megan BeckwithMegan Beckwith, Greg Penn

Iso is a 4-minute dance video documenting a three-month improvisation practice in response to the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Created during Melbourne's unprecedented lockdown measures, Iso explores movement in confinement. Commissioned by Drum Theatre as part of the Home Delivery project, it captures daily improvised moments over three months. Using limited equipment, Megan Beckwith crafted a visual narrative that delves into the physical and emotional dimensions of being locked inside alone. With sound design by Greg Penn, each segment reflects daily dance improvisations, revealing the evolution of movement and providing insight into the lockdown experience.
Iso was part of the Home Delivery project, featuring commissioned works by local artists across various disciplines, including music, dance, comedy, theatre, digital arts, and spoken word. These works were delivered free of charge to viewers' homes, fostering a unique connection between artists and the public. 


The Drum Theatre;Greater Dandenong;


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Melbourne, Australia


The Drum Theatre

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Iso explores understanding how isolation influences creative expression, particularly for dancers who suffered physical and social impacts during the lockdown. The research problem has systemic value, inquiring into my experience of the extended isolation in Melbourne. This work documents and analyzes improvised dance as a response to the physical constraints of the 2020 Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown, exploring themes of human disintegration and resilience. Daily improvised dance reveal the adaptive strategies dancers use when faced with physical constraints, such as a small apartment. The work shifts dance from the studio to the only space available at home, highlighting the resilience and innovation of one artist during the crisis. It offers insight into the relationship between environment and creative expression during this unique moment in time. Commissioned by the City of Greater Dandenong and the Drum Theatre for its isolated audience during the 2020 Melbourne lockdown, Iso addresses the theme of confinement and has garnered over 2000 views online, demonstrating substantial public engagement. The Drum Theatre’s professional endorsement through the commission, along with its reception and viewership, highlights Iso's excellence and its significant contribution to the artistic community and broader public in times of crisis.

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Megan Beckwith, University of Melbourne

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