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Making spaces for teachers’ creative learning. Paper presented at the Creative Education & Research Summit, Australian Centre for the Moving Image. (2016, November 27).

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posted on 2022-04-24, 06:00 authored by Mark SelkrigMark Selkrig, Ron KeamyRon Keamy


This is a  presentaiton  that occured in November 27, 2016. In the video we outlioen that a fundamental element in a creative pedagogy/ies framework is the notion of creative learning, including the features of curiosity, playfulness, experimenting, collaboration, imaging and possibility thinking, all of which are traits of human learning.  While undertaking a research project with staff and the leadership team at a P-10 school to explore their understandings of creativity and creative learning in the Arts, it became evident to us that promoting teachers’ own creative learning is largely overlooked in discourses of teachers’ professional learning. Given the important role teachers play in student learning, we argue that teachers need to be informed not only about how to teach creatively and for creativity, but need to be encouraged to engage in their own creative learning.  In this presentation we advance the view that schools should promote opportunities for liminal spaces to emerge frequently and purposively. Spaces that disrupt conventional thinking are central for teachers’ creative learning.


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