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Screen Recorded Walk through visual exegesis_20 Days of 2020: Moving through the institutional body langauge of Melbourne museums in lockdownVisual Exegesis

posted on 2023-09-26, 04:50 authored by Yvette WalkerYvette Walker

This video is an overview of Yvette Walker 's visual exegesis. It has been designed to be viewed if access to the Mozilla site is compromised.

Screen recording description: An avatar moves through four 'rooms' (chapters) that present the visual digital a/r/tographic research creation works. The recording runs for 11:25 mins, this length was necessary to provide an overview without generating motion sickness for viewers.

Please note that the wall texts are not looked at in the recording, but the individual works and their titles can be accessed via the link in written exegesis. 

The visual work presented were data-led inquiries as part of a combined written and visual candidature, titiled;

20 days of 2020: Moving through the institutional body language of Melbourne museums in lockdown