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posted on 2022-02-20, 06:52 authored by Kristal Spreadborough

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In late 2021, I was tutoring a course in which students needed to make a short recording as one of their assessments. In response, we tutors provided recorded feedback. After making my first recording, I watched it back to ensure everything had worked. In doing so, I picked up ways in which I could better present myself for the next recording. I did the same after making the second recording. By the third recording I realised I was creating my own, iterative, small data loop. To make my small data loop even more human readable, I distilled it into a single datapoint over time – plotting the movement of my forehead throughout each recording. Red dots are used for the first recording, blue for the second recording, and green for the third recording. Then, I set these datapoints to sound, adjusting pitch and dynamic according to my physical movement. The product was awkward, uncomfortable, and a bit cringey – all the things I feel when I watch a recording of myself. This is an exercise of process over product, d-art-a over data, immersion over impartiality.

(Audio is in stereo with low frequency sound - recommend listening with over ear headphones.)