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Telling place-based stories and coming into relation

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posted on 2024-05-10, 03:18 authored by Jayson CooperJayson Cooper

This podcast investigates the hidden water systems beneath the University of Melbourne, exploring ecological and cultural histories and implications of settler-colonialisms terraforming practices on Indigenous territories, including the occupation of colonial institutions such as the University of Melbourne. This is a podcast from the STEM Learning Ecologies podcast series created by Dr Jayson Cooper that explores and provokes the pedagogies inherited through the colonial project, as a resistance to the erasure of place-based knowledges this podcast leaves provocations for how place-based learning can counter colonial singular narratives of occupation. Inviting listeners to consider sustainable curriculum and pedagogical decisions that bring students and teachers into relation as active participants in how history of local places is understood and engage with in teaching and learning. This podcast can serve as a tool for decolonising local histories to think otherwise.


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