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The Luminary

posted on 2024-06-18, 04:11 authored by SHANNON OWENSHANNON OWEN, Nicholas Kallincos

The Luminary is an animated love story, albeit a slightly unconventional one. The protagonist, a reclusive etymologist with a light bulb in the place of his head searches for the missing link in his collection - the lunar moth. She holds the key to his collection and to his happiness. As he waits to find her, the seasons turn from autumn through to spring. In the light of spring, love blossoms as the elusive lunar moth is willingly in lured to the brightness of our protagonist's globe. But like the passing cycles of nature that move through the background of the story, this love is also part of a cycle. And like much love, it is destined to become dust. Even before summer begins, the dust settles and our protagonist returns to ponder the themes of transience, impermanence, and his place in the world, as the audience is left to wonder whether his happiness will return again.

Produced by Shannon Owen. Written & Directed by Nicholas Kallincos.


Australian Film Commission, Film Victoria


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Brisbane, Australia.



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This project uses stop motion animation to explore the storytelling capacity of combining the fantastical and actual within short form film format. It brings together real world natural history archive footage within the fantastical animation story world of a light bulb headed entomolygist, to demonstrate on the interconnectedness of the real and imagined worlds. The film was produced in 2005 where is screened widely on the festival circuit before being picked up by SBS Television SOS program. In 2008 it was reversioned by Australian superband Powderfinger as the music video for their then new release Wishing on the Same Moon. In 2022 the film featured as pat of the flicker in time screening program at Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

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9 min 26 sec


Shannon Owen, University of Melbourne

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