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蛾 (Ga)

Version 3 2023-12-25, 04:08
Version 2 2023-12-12, 03:17
Version 1 2023-12-10, 23:01
posted on 2023-12-25, 04:08 authored by Dylan van der SchyffDylan van der Schyff, Peggy Lee, Andrew Saragossi, Andrew Doo

蛾 is the kanji symbol for largely nocturnal beings that possess two large wings and are covered in microscopic scales (moths). 蛾 (Ga) is also the name of this recording of thirteen guided improvisations, which are inspired by the actions, sounds, and imagined worlds of other-than-human life forms. The improvisations invite the listener to contemplate the alien worlds that exist all around us but that nevertheless extend well beyond the borders of human perception and understanding.

The ensemble is comprised of Dylan van der Schyff (drums/percussion), Peggy Lee (cello), Andrew Saragossi (saxophones), and Andrew Doo (drums/percussion). The performers employ an arsenal of extended techniques, found objects, and unusual sonic juxtapositions, often blurring the boundaries of where one instrument ends and another begins.

This recording was made with minimal miking and with all performers in the same room (one mic per performer and a stereo pair). There were no overdubs, multiple takes, or editing of any kind. The music documented here is the totality produced by the session. Each track is named for a variety of moth.


released December 8, 2023

Dylan van der Schyff - drums/percussion
Peggy Lee - cello
Andrew Saragossi - saxophones
Andrew Doo - drums/percussion

Recorded by Dylan van der Schyff on March 4th, 2023, at the Brian Brown Studio, University of Melbourne, Southbank.


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