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Fifteenth Thing: Research impact at the University of Melbourne

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posted on 2024-03-07, 03:27 authored by JENNIFER LEWISJENNIFER LEWIS

‘Research impact’ is used all over the University of Melbourne in conversations – as well as in other universities in Australia and around the world. But what does it mean? How can we plan for it? What does the University do to support it? Find out more in this Thing, written by Professor Jenny Lewis.

In the last two decades, there has been a growing emphasis on universities being able to demonstrate their world-changing capabilities. While there is a policy ‘push’ towards demonstrating that universities are relevant, and a good investment of public funds, there is also a ‘pull’ as students and academics are keen to ‘make a difference in the world’.

The Advancing Melbourne strategy states that “[f]undamental investigator-driven research is the engine of discovery” (p12). The University aims to be at the leading edge of discovery, understanding, and impact, through research. It wants to increase its research impact capability by improving its impact culture, support, and visibility.


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