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Innovate4Cities Conference 2021: Student-Led Final Report

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posted on 2021-12-17, 18:14 authored by Ariana Dickey, Cathy OkeCathy Oke, Anupriya Aggarwal, Luis Felipe Álvarez Vega, Olutomiwa Binuyo, Joseph Calara, Ishita Das, Taylah Emmanouel, Joseph Fenwick, Kate Field, Heesu Jeon, Abel Kiprono, Skye Li, Boyu Liu, Hope McGee, Yuan Meng, Padmapriya Muralidharan, Ilma Nafees, Zipporah Njenga, Samara Polwatta, Harry Quail, Martina Razzaboni, Asala Safwat, Edward Senkondo, Bryant M. Serre, Ellen Sharpe, Emma Su, Sadaf Taimur, Enrico Trevisi, Rachel Williams, Alemayehu Agizew Woldeamanuel, Xueting Yang, Amber Young, Rachaya Youngrod

The Innovate4Cities Conference 2021 brought together a global collection of scientists, policymakers, academics and citizen voices. The conference sought to address gaps in global knowledge and innovation, how and why to take action on climate change, and enable partnership building and collaboration while setting the stage for COP26. This report summarises the Innovate4Cities Conference 2021 and outlines key messages, whilst identifying knowledge gaps and offering areas for further research. Subsequent recommendations integrate general observations and context-specific case studies with the intention of mobilising multi-tiered climate action. The report was produced by a team of 32 students who attended the conference, rapporteured, and synthesised key messages.