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Seventeenth Thing: Human Research and Ethical Considerations

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posted on 2024-03-07, 03:29 authored by HELENA CLEMENTSHELENA CLEMENTS

Research with human participants can have huge benefits but also comes with risks. Reviews and approvals help to mitigate risks, although navigating these processes can feel onerous, it doesn’t have to be. Shift your point of view – viewing your research through the experience of your participants can shift the focus to the information relevant to these approvals and highlight the benefits for your research, as Helena Clements outlines in this Thing.

The integrity of your research

When you publish your research, how do you make sure people know it can be trusted? One critical way is to show that you have all the appropriate approvals in place. Review and approvals show other researchers that your research stands up to scrutiny. They’re also important for maintaining community trust; approvals demonstrate that you, and your research have integrity. When you’re doing research with people, approvals provide reassurance of respect for your participants – a stamp of quality and of trust.


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