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An Agile Framework for Designing Authentic Mobile Learning: The Authentic Mobile Learning Triangle

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posted on 2022-06-20, 23:48 authored by Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane

Poster accepted for the HERDSA2022 Conference.


An Agile Framework for Designing Authentic Mobile Learning

Background/context. Mobile learning can be a catalyst to design authentic learning environments (Cochrane, 2013). However Traxler (2016) argues that a focus upon repurposing content for delivery via mobile devices has killed the mobile learning dream.

The initiative/practice. To introduce an agile yet simple mobile learning design framework that leverages the authentic use of mobile devices in formal and informal learning contexts. 

Methods of evaluative data collection and analysis. Creativity, collaboration, and capacity to navigate the unknown are key student graduate attributes. These can be used to define three core principles for designing mobile learning: user-generated content (UGC), user-generated contexts (UGCX), and authentic experiences (AE). This can be represented by a simple authentic mobile learning (AmL) ‘triangle’ where AE are built upon UGC and UGCX. 

Evidence of outcomes and effectiveness. The Authentic mobile Learning triangle (AmL) provides a simple and agile framework for designing authentic mobile learning experiences. introduced as a short vignette it has been developed into a design guide. “Instead of focusing on translating or substituting old pedagogies into mobile environments, educators should begin by considering new pedagogies and new approaches that were previously difficult or impossible to implement. When designing mobile learning within any given context, we should begin with the question: ‘What is the most authentic use of mobile learning in this situation?’“ (Cochrane, 2019, pp. 298-299). This poster illustrates how to implement the AmL triangle in learning designs.


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