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Poster: A Cultural Mapping of the Design for Transformative Mobile Learning Framework to Facilitate Learner Agency

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posted on 2023-07-12, 04:30 authored by Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane, David Sinfield

The Design for Transformative Mobile Learning Framework utilises eight dimensions drawing upon the key affordances of mobile learning that enable learner agency. In this poster we briefly explore the potential alignment of a ninth dimension to the DTML framework to illustrate a cultural mapping of the DTML. We map the DTML framework to the Whakapiri (Engagement), Whakam?rama (Enlightenment), Whakamana (Empowerment) model for indigenous M?ori knowledge introduced by Durie who argues for “the interface between indigenous knowledge and other knowledge systems” (2005, p. 301). Shortened to WWW by Hurst (2017) the model has been utilised as a framework for reflection and practice in education. “Engagement, enlightenment and empowerment neatly describe the immediate, intermediate and ultimate concerns of education and are important markers for how effective education is practised. The concepts of transformation over information and learning as an all- of-person experience can be discerned across these three key terms” (Nichols, 2020, p. 28).

Transformative mobile learning designs implement strategies to facilitate a move from a focus upon teacher-directed content (Pedagogy) towards student-determined learning or Heutagogy (Moore, 2020; Blaschke & Hase, 2019; Hase & Kenyon, 2007). This involves applying the Pedagogy-Andragogy-Heutagogy (PAH) continuum to mobile learning design (Cochrane et al., 2022) to facilitate learner agency. When put into a matrix, with DTML, PAH and WWW provides a mapping of how learners may transition into increasing self-regulation and learner-agency across the eight mobile learning relevant areas or dimensions.


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