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Wellbeing Education For Musicians In Professional Training:  Interdisciplinary Recommendations

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posted on 2022-08-06, 03:37 authored by Margaret OsborneMargaret Osborne, Ann ShoebridgeAnn Shoebridge


Shoebridge, A. & Osborne, M.S. (2022, 17-22 July) Wellbeing education for musicians in professional training: interdisciplinary recommendations. Poster presented at the 35th Online World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 2022 (ISME 2022).


Thirty-five years of research in performing arts medicine has mapped the extent of performance-related problems (PRP) in musicians, identified risk factors, and trialled various interventions. However, little headway has been made in reducing PRP, with intervention studies showing some improvements in psychological health, but still to produce consistent evidence of a protocol that successfully addresses the complexities of musicians’ psychological and physical wellbeing. We compiled evidence drawn from performing arts medicine, performance science, sports psychology, behaviour change, educational theory, safety science, health promotion, and occupational and public health showing that successful health promotion for musicians needs to capture and manage complexity, be context-appropriate and responsive to program recipients’ lived experience.

Key principles guiding effective program delivery were identified including engaging curricula and learning experiences; supportive social, physical and digital information exchange environments; community awareness and actions; development of students’ mental health knowledge and self-regulatory skills; access to effective services; and ongoing evaluation and program adjustment which involves all levels of the organisation, especially those who are affected by those changes, to ensure program relevance and effectiveness. In this poster we elaborate on these principles that underpin successful wellness initiatives, and processes for developing a context-specific wellness program for musicians in professional training contexts.