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Marking the ellipses pause in a/r/tography.jpegVisual Exegesis

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posted on 2023-09-26, 04:50 authored by Yvette WalkerYvette Walker
The ellipses pause is “marking a silence of some kind” (Toner,2015) and infers a value of the omitted, and, or, a value on what is yet to come that resides within the ellipses marks, within the in between.

I am embedding the ellipses pause into my work as a/r/tographer. Three marks that act as a placeholder for expectation of new interruptions to follow, a spac e to trail off into the imagination…into discomfort…into the unknown…toward a narrative…toward more to follow, between selves as artist/researcher/teacher. The space is an interstitial space, between the known, that gives rise to new thinking for my living inquiry that sits with/in ‘contiguity’.

“Contiguity is a rendering that helps us to understand those ideas with a/r/tography that lie adjacent to one another, touch one another, or exist in the presence of another” (Irwin and Springgay, 2008,p.xxviii).