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The Cascade of Care: How HIV data models shape understanding of “monitoring and evaluation”, and “surveillance and survey”

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posted on 2021-11-22, 23:00 authored by Amalia Handayani, BENJAMIN D HEGARTYBENJAMIN D HEGARTY, PRIYANKA PILLAIPRIYANKA PILLAI, Kristal Spreadborough
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* Handayani, A., Hegarty, B., Pillai, P., Spreadborough, K. (2021) The Cascade of Care: How data models shape understanding of “monitoring and evaluation”, and “surveillance and survey”. Seminar Presentation. DOI:
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A presentation given at UCoE - AIDS Research Center Atma Jaya Virtual International Seminar, 29 June, 2021, online.

The HIV services cascade is a framework for identifying, measuring, and visualizing the magnitude of gaps in HIV services throughout the lifelong HIV care continuum. The cascade also becomes a data model which then becomes a component for policy makers and donors in seeing an overview of the progress of HIV prevention. There are two main elements required in cascade data collection. First, monitoring and evaluation which emphasizes the use of data for decision making. Second, surveillance and surveys that consider the use of data collection tools.

UCoE - AIDS Research Center Atma Jaya in collaboration with the University of Melbourne will cordially invite you to a Virtual International Seminar entitled "The Cascade of Care: How Data Models Shape Understanding of 'Monitoring and Evaluation', and 'Surveillance and Survey' ". This seminar is expected to be able to convey a critique of how the cascade presents HIV care standards and their implications and accommodate an overview related to the use of the cascade data model in HIV programs that can be input into the HIV data infrastructure in Indonesia.

Speakers: Benjamin Hegarty, Kristal Spreadborough, Priyanka Pillai
Moderator: Amalia Handayani

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