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Submission from the Centre for Adolescent Health on Australia's National Housing and Homelessness Plan.

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posted on 2023-10-19, 21:48 authored by JESSICA HEERDEJESSICA HEERDE

The issue of adolescent homelessness is pressing, and it's time for decisive action. The Centre for Adolescent Health (CAH) strongly supports their inclusion in the National Housing and Homelessness Plan. They deserve better!

We commend the Australian Government for their efforts to develop a comprehensive plan. Our hope is that this plan will serve as a framework for both national and state-level action on adolescent homelessness.

To make a real impact, we present four critical recommendations based on our expertise and research:

1. **Health Profiles and Access to Health Care**: Let's commit to a national plan that emphasizes gathering vital information to address the health needs of homeless adolescents.

2. **Multisectoral Approaches**: Investments must appreciate multi-sectoral efforts to cater to the health, education, and social needs of at-risk adolescents.

3. **Intergenerational Experiences**: We must understand and intervene in intergenerational risks for homelessness, breaking the cycles of disadvantage that persist across generations.

4. **Data for Decision Making**: A national homelessness research strategy is essential. We need investment in rigorous research to inform policy, practice, and prevention.

It's crucial to recognize the unmet health needs of adolescents experiencing homelessness. Failing to invest in their wellbeing means a growing burden on healthcare and welfare systems, impacting the economy for years to come. We need a holistic approach to make a difference.

Join us in advocating for change. Together, we can create a brighter future for adolescents experiencing homelessness.


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