The University of Melbourne

Karen Thompson

Senior Research Data Specialist, MDAP

University of Melbourne, Australia

Karen M Thompson is a Senior Research Data Specialist with a passion for data organisation, communication, and working at the intersection of data and cultural collections. She was an actuary for more than two decades, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2006) and a Masters in Cultural Materials Conservation (2019). Karen is a Khipu Field Guide Affiliate.


  • Collaborative Development of Polymer-Based Collection Survey Methodology and Relational Data Model
  • A preliminary investigation into the influence of archaeological material on the yellowing of polyethylene storage bags
  • The glass spouted vessel: What is it?
  • Identification of herbarium specimen sheet components from high‐resolution images using deep learning
  • Mapping the Digitisation Workflow in a University Herbarium
  • Colour Words (Hand-Made Visualisations of Literature)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Objective‐Function Methods Can Identify Bankfull River Channel Extents

Karen Thompson's public data