The University of Melbourne

Matthew Harrison

Senior Lecturer (Learning Intervention) (Inclusive education; Special education and disability; Educational technology and computing)

Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Matthew Harrison is an experienced teacher, researcher and digital creator with a passion for utilising technology to enhance social capacity building, belonging and inclusion in education. He has taught in Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Matthew is currently a member of the Learning Intervention team a founding member of the University of Melbourne Neurodiversity Project, and previously served as the Director of Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) at the University of Melbourne Faculty of Education. He was awarded the Dyason Fellowship in 2020, and both the GEM Scott Teaching Fellowship and the International Society for Technology in Education 'Making IT Happen' award in 2023.


  • Using Video Games to Level Up Collaboration for Students: A Fun, Practical Way to Support Social-emotional Skills Development
  • Overcoming barriers to inclusion in education in India: A scoping review
  • Echolalia as defined by parent communication partners
  • Outcomes associated with ‘inclusive’, ‘segregated’ and 'integrated’ settings: Accommodation and community living, employment and education.
  • Supporting Primary Students with Disabilities and Neurological Differences in Developing Digital Thinking Skills Through an Inclusive Game-Making Club
  • Building Inclusive Minecraft Communities for Players With Disabilities and Neurological Differences
  • ‘Let me tell you, I see echolalia as being a part of my son’s identity’: Exploring echolalia as an expression of neurodiversity from a parental perspective
  • The Scope-University of Melbourne Partnership Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Autism
  • Digital Technologies Hub: Inclusive Education
  • The impact of Minecraft Education Edition in Victorian Schools
  • Supporting social skills development through a targeted intervention using cooperative videogames in a Special Development School
  • Equipment Boost for Schools Professional Practice Guide: Inclusive Software
  • Building Inclusive Minecraft Communities
  • Submission to the Victorian Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact of remote learning on families of students with disability in Victoria
  • Shared regulatory planning in Minecraft
  • Exploring Social Regulation in Minecraft
  • Cultural responsiveness and diversity
  • The ontology and epistemology shaping our understanding of inclusion: A critical review of the research literature on disability and inclusion
  • Repeating purposefully: Empowering educators with functional communication models of echolalia in Autism
  • Mapping the parent experience of echolalia in autism spectrum disorder onto a conceptual taxonomy
  • Inclusive gaming through AI: a perspective for identifying opportunities and obstacles through co-design with people living with MND
  • Making video games more inclusive for people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND): a scoping review (Preprint)
  • Supporting primary students with disabilities and neurological differences in developing digital thinking skills through an inclusive game-making club
  • Overcoming Barriers to Inclusion in Education in India

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