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Documentation of Visual Exegesis _20 days of 2020: Moving through the institutional body language of Melbourne museums in lockdown

Posted on 2024-04-26 - 12:52 authored by Yvette Walker

This collection of visual (d)a/r/tafacts are the documentation of visual works that form one half of a Master by Education (research) candidature as visual digital a/r/tographer using autoethnographic methods. 

The visual exegesis, is situated in Mozilla Hubs and contain the works within this Figshare collection. The visual (d)a/r/ta has been developed using trace as method in digital collaboration with; Procreate, Miro board, Layout app, Spoke Mozilla, and Instagram, Mythinkspot (as feedback loop to the museum sector).  

Title of exegesis:  

20 Days of 2020: Moving through the institutional body language of Melbourne museums in lockdown. 

Central questions:

What can we learn about the changing nature of museum education from exploring Melbourne museums through Instagram posts in 2020?

The data informed 2 further questions:

 - What does the digital mapping and storying of data (of this phenomenon) through lockdown indicate about the changing nature of the audience?

 - What implications does this period of experiementation present for hte future of museum eductio nand relational digital pedagogies?


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