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'Walk through' of SWISP Lab's Speculative Wandering in the Metaverse site as of October 2023

This video provides a 'walk through' of SWISP Lab's Speculative Wandering in the Metaverse sites as of October 2023. It highlights Yvette Walker's artist in residence work, including the Acknowledgement of Country, Portal site, artefacts from the Climate Festival and build for future encounters with Bengaluru's Science Gallery Carbon mediators.

Acknowledgements for use of birds calls and map collection:

Apte, S (20129, April 7). Calls (Black), Bengalauru Urban, Karnataka, India. Macaulay Library ML 220833251. URL:

Rumsey, D (2023). David Rumsey Map Collection, Text-on-maps! URL:

Virag, P (2022). Australian Magpies Singing Compilation - one of the most beautiful bird calls. Youtube. URL:   • Australian Magpies Singing Compilatio...  


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2023 co-investment program, University of Melbourne Global Student Diversification - India


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