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An a/r/tographic blueprint for walking in four propositions

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posted on 2021-11-29, 01:57 authored by KATHRYN COLEMANKATHRYN COLEMAN, Peter CookPeter Cook
Our life narratives are intertwined and entangled with/in art, research and teaching. As digital a/r/tographers, our place stories have connections that have connected us further across spaces and sites.
These are multiplicitous and invite new inter-actions and intra-actions across times. Our digital experiment is one that we followed as a series of propositions during 2020. A turn in our life narratives that hold us yet open us to living and working with and through the human, non-human and more-than-human interests us as re-searchers. This a/r/tographic blueprint for walking in four propositions explores making kin as a/r/tographers that work in often contested spaces of conservative educational research and across disciplinary boundaries.
We have been troubling making and doing in digital spaces as ways of thinking through a/r/twork as scholarship for education post-pandemic. To explore this speculative future where a/r/twork as scholarship has widened debates concerning the visual and performing arts and design education, we invite you to into our imagined a/r/tographic walking; walks completed with and without each other. To move this idea of imagined walks forward, we invite you into our four walks. To do this, we use the metaphor of the blueprint; a procedural and process for drawing and copying. It is a mark-making process for curating and archiving ideation and prototyping of new ideas, drawings and concepts for new viewers.
Each proposition builds upon the blueprints of our own imaginary walks in lockdown between sites to ideate, ignite, inspire, reflect, create, teach and learn. As we reimagine research, we present our challenges as artefacts and blue prints to remind and recognise the shifts of time/s.


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